Content in Context

(Installation- mixed media)
Content in Context- Vaccums of Display

The experience of the museum changes the Art. Focus is upon not what is happening inside the art piece but inside the museum. The experience of entering and photographing the walls of objects/artworks- turning them into a representation. The context changes of this ‘pop up’ environment of display and experience changes the art and the objects themselves into this representation.

The Museums create and present the museum as an artifice of reality through the experience of viewing and these reoccurring normailities of display; i.e. Plinths, glass cabinets. The receptivity of work and meaning is changed through this artifice of display. My aim was to challenge the Gallery/Museum’s grammar of display conventions by playing upon these in my work by Changing them from an element of display to making them an active contributor to the work itself.

Taking from different stages of the sculptural process; The marble Quarry, the casting process. I incorporated them in my ‘display’ making themselves a piece rather than just a process. To include these processes, I wanted address surroundings boundaries of the sculptural process.
Is a plinth a sculpture? Through my sculptures, I want ironically look upon the gallery representation and the process of sculpture, and its place in the Museum.

By conveying these ideas through the Ideology of ‘The White Cube’ I wanted to cross over these territories in questioning the changing of content in the changing of context in the understanding of an Element of Display being one of an object of art.
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